Riviera Line - GWR Era

a GWR Quick Drive route for Train Simulator Classic: Introduction

Riviera Line GWR Era Route Download

This is a clone of the Dovetail Games route 'Riviera Line in the Fifties',
slightly modified to represent a pre-War period.


The base game from Steam: Dovetail Train Simulator Classic
Plus 5 Dovetail routes from Steam:
Riviera 50's
Isle of Wight
Woodhead Route
West Somerset

Riviera Line GWR Era Route Download

When running the game use Railworks 64bit with Settings>Graphics>Advanced>Scenery Density slider set all the way to the right (otherwise some important scenery items will not be displayed).

Stock Packs included

Repackaged and included by kind permission of their creators. Installed as:

GWR Wagons by Karma99 Pete Gillam, Victory Works
From the original packs at https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/karma99.html
and Private Owner open, Telling and Whatley, Brian Yeomans reskins from UKTS
In the editor they show up as K9 xxxxxx

Assets\GordonMack\WRJL_Coaches by Gordon Mackenzie, Matrix Trains
GWR 56ft Corridor Clerestory Stock
Original pack at
In the editor they show up as GM xxxxxx

Both these packs will also require DTG\ExeterKingswear to be ticked if used in a different route.

GWR Horsebox by RScott Assets\RScott\Addon

A list of stock supported by the Quick Drives is in the manual.

GWR South-west Consists by Marcus Boon: Page 1

GWR South-west Consists by Marcus Boon: Page 2

Download these Train Simulator Classic Consists as an RWP from Google Drive

Any problems or comments to MBrailworksConsists@gmail.com

'Riviera Line - GWR Era': On-line manual

'Riviera Line - GWR Era': Introduction page


Introductory video

Free roam at Exeter City Basin video.



Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot. The terrace was destroyed in an air raid.
The GWR King pack is available from Amazon.

Hackney Yard, Newton Abbot. Wagons from the free 'Common Rolling Stock' pack on the Downloads page.



Kingswear. Coal was brought by sea from the North-East for Paignton Gas Works.

Riviera Line GWR Era Route Download

Please report any problems to pgdlrailworks@gmail.com

On-line version of the manual
The manual, with its map and Quick Drive descriptions, can be viewed in the Quick Drive Menu by clicking "?" on this route's icon.

Quick Drive Consists by Marcus Boon. Stock used with some background information.