Tenbury Branch Plus for Train Simulator Classic - Manual 2024_01_30

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Leominster and New Radnor Branch buildings and the original trackwork by Dick Cowen with kind permission.
Thanks to all that helped.


The base game from Steam: Dovetail Train Simulator Classic
and 5 Routes by Dovetail Games from Steam:
Riviera 50's
Isle of Wight
Woodhead Route
West Somerset
Some Scenarios require additional DLC

Route Download:

Downloads Page


After downloading the routes below use 7-Zip to extract the package. 7-Zip is free download from here: 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64
Then use Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Utilities.exe, 'Package Manager' page, to install the .RWP file.

When running the game use Railworks 64bit with Settings>Graphics>Advanced>Scenery Density slider set all the way to the right (otherwise some important scenery items will not be displayed).

Signal Passed At Danger errors will be encountered. These are caused by hidden signals used to initiate the next visible signal.
Some graphically demanding Quick Drive consists may cause an Out of Memory error in which case try ticking the 'Player Train Only' option.


The route is set in the rural West Midlands and Welsh Marches.
Free Roam, Standard and Quick Drive Scenarios are available set in the GWR or BR eras. Some require additional payware.

Mileage of Branches:
28 - SH - (Shrewsbury & Hereford Rly) - Onibury - Ludlow - Woofferton Jtn - Leominster - Hereford - Red Hill Jtn.
Main Line, north - south
  4 - CH - (Clee Hill Branch) Ludlow - Clee Hill Quarry.
Very steep mineral branch to quarry sidings
24 - TB - (Tenbury Branch) Woofferton Jtn - Tenbury Wells - Bewdley - Kidderminster.
Single track line through fruit growing region.
20 - NR - (North Radnor Branch) Leominster - Kington - North Radnor. Single track line into the Welsh hills.
  7 - PB - (Presteign Branch) Kington - Presteign
20 - WMH -(Worcester-Malvern-Hereford Rly) Hereford - Ledbury - Gt. Malvern.
Main Line from Hereford for Worcester and London.
12 - HRG -(Hereford - Ross - Gloucester Rly) - Hereford - Ross on Wye.
Single track line that crosses the River Wye four times.

The 2 or 3 letter branch code serves as a route indicator in the prefix of Scenarios, Quick Drive start locations and QD consists in the 'Tenbury' category.

Map created with RWInfo

Quick Drive Scenarios

Dual Era Quick Drives: Great Western Railway, and, post 1947, British Railways.
In the QD Drive Menu there are 2 dedicated categories of drivable trains for the route: 'WRJL GWR Consists' and 'WRJL BR(W) Consists'.
These use a prefix as a guide to an appropriate consist type:
BR Gds0 - Goods Loco Only.
BR Gds1 - Longish goods train
BR Gds2 - Shorter goods train
BR Gds3 - Short goods for a branch line
BR Pas0 - Passenger Loco Only
BR Pas1 - Express train
BR Pas2 - Stopping train
BR Pas3 - Branch passenger 1 or 2 autocoach/coach

GW -ditto-

The only GWR locos included with the required routes are the Halls. However many third party products are supported.

The same prefix system is used for the QD Start locations as an indication of what type of train might be appropriate.
Pas0 loco only will usually start at a shed and drive towards coaches at a platform or in carriage sidings.
Pas1 trains will usually use the Centre lines at smaller 4 track stations and the Main Line on 4 track sections.
Pas2 trains will use the Platform lines at smaller 4 track stations and the Relief Line on 4 track sections.
Pas3 will be a Branch line expecting a short train.
Gds0 will expect to be driven towards a Yard with probably a choice of wagons.

Scenario instructions for Interactive Quick Drive (prefixed 'i' and grouped at bottom of list), some Standard and Free Roam could be viewed on a second monitor or mobile phone.
BR Quick Drive Interactive Scenario Instructions

Standard Scenarios:

Standard Scenario Instructions

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