5GW Pas Reading-Henley Auto - Autocoach to Henley and back.
Requirements below
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

Drive a 48xx and Autocoach from Reading to Henley amd back.

From Reading Shed drive via the Up Relief Platform to stop at 'Reading Bay 6 REVERSE'
Reverse into the Bay 4 and couple to the Autocoach.

Drive to 'Twyford Up Relief Platform' and pickup.
Change ends and drive, picking up at Wargrave,Shiplake and 'Henley Platform 1'

Change ends and drive towards Twyford, picking up at Shiplake and Wargrave.
Drive through Twyford Up Relief Platform and stop at 'Twyford East Up Relief REVERSE'

Change ends and pickup at 'Twyford Down Relief Platform'
Drive back to 'Reading Bay 4 Platform'.

MatrixTrains MT-Toplights Set1 TS Marketplace: GWR Toplight Coaches Pack 01
MatrixTrains MT-Toplights Set2 TS Marketplace: GWR Toplight Coaches Pack 02
VictoryWorks GWR14xx GWR Class 14XX Loco Add-On, VictoryWorks GWRLargePrairiePack GWR Large Prairies
SSS Pannier Sounds and Repaint packs

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