5GW Gds SHUNT Reading Low Level [VW Pann] - Reading Vastern Yard Shunt
Requires VictoryWorks GWR Pannier Tank Pack, SSS SVR wagon pack (included with SVR)
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

Reading Old Up Yard to Vastern Yard
The goods pilot engines faced Bristol
From Reading Old Up Yard take your wagons to Vastern Yard (Vastern Road Low Level Yard).
Distribute them and return with empties to Reading New Down Yard.
The 'Old Yards' were built after the 'New Yards'.

Drive to 'Reading East Shunting Spur' just beyond the station.
Change the points behind and reverse down the 'Reading Vastern Yard Entrance' slope.
Left over the double slip and into 'Reading Vastern Yd Siding W2'.
From here you can pull forward into the yard.

The twin watertanks were for the station's hydraulic lifts.
At one time the Huntley and Palmer biscuit factory was the largest in the world.

Shunting Vastern Yard
There are Wagons in the middle sidings (M4 and M6).
Extract the empties and leave Wagons of the same type in the same sidings.

At the other end of the yard, replace the Banana Covered Vans with your 2 brown Fruit Vans having placed the Container under the crane.

Extract empty Coal Wagons and position loaded ones for the same merchants.

There are 2 Sheeted Wagons to collect from the Signal Department by the platform the other side of the slope.

With the Shunters Wagon in front of the loco, push the wagons up the slope and change the points behind.
Vastern Yard to Reading New Down Yard
Drive to 'Reading ML Pilot Line' where you need to change the points to straight ahead.
Drive to 'Reading New Down Yard Pilot Line 0' stopping clear of the points behind.
Change the points to allow reversing into 'Reading New Down Yard Siding1' to finish.
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