5GW Gds SHUNT Reading Kings Meadow [VW P] - Reading Kings Meadow Shunt
Requires VictoryWorks GWR Pannier Tank Pack, SSS SVR wagon pack (included with SVR)
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

Reading Old Up Yard to Kings Meadow Yard
From Reading Old Up Yard take your wagons to the top of 'Reading Kings Meadow Goods Shed Slope' and stop.
Proceed cautiously down the bank.

Shunting Kings Meadow Yard
Your task is to deliver from the rear of your train:
3 Vans to 'RDG Kings Meadow Siding 9' (in the parallel sidings ahead)
3 loaded open wagons to 'RDG Kings Meadow Siding 10'
3 Vans to the mouth of Huntley and Palmer's tunnel (off the triangular junction ahead).
3 loaded coal wagons to the entrance of 'Reading Gas Private siding'.
3 Vans for Suttons Seeds to 'RDG Kings Meadow Siding 3' (behind the Vastern Road weighbridge)

Collect empty Coal wagons from the entrance to 'Reading Gas Private siding'.
Collect Brown Vans/Containers from:
Huntley and Palmers tunnel entrance
'RDG Kings Meadow Sidings 5' and '6' (sidings by the crane),
'RDG Kings Meadow Siding 3' (Suttons Seeds deliveries),
2 SR Open Wagons from the SR tunnel mouth,
and Brown Van and loaded open wagons from 'RDG Kings Meadow Sidings 1' (between the Shed and slope)

With the Shunters Wagon behind the loco, pull the extracted wagons up the slope.
Drive to 'Drive to 'Rdg West New Down Yard REVERSE' stopping clear of the points behind.
Reverse into 'Reading New Down Yard Siding1' to finish.

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