5GW Gds Reading to Hinksey S15 - S15 Goods. Reading to Oxford Shed
Requirements below
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

Drive from Reading, bypassing Didcot, to Oxford's Hinksey Yard.
Leave thee wagons at 'Hinksey Down Reception Line'.
Then take the loco on to Oxford Shed.
Reverse at 'OX Shed Central Access Line' and stop on 'OX Shed Coal Loading Line 1'.

Cross the Kennet Navigation near where it joins the River Thames.
The 1941 'East Spur Junction' leads to the GWR main line on the right.
Pass Reading Gas Works, the massive Huntley and Palmer's Biscuit Factory, Reading Gaol on the left
with the connection tunnel to King's Meadow Goods Depot on the right.
Climb the original incline to join the GWR.

Beyond the station on the left is the Cattle Market and slaughter houses followed by the junction for Basingstoke and Newbury.
Behind the Engine Shed is the water treatment tower.

Manuals\EN\SR S15 Pack EN.pdf

Train Simulator Southern Railway S15 Class
Locomotive Keyboard Controls

Key Action
A / D Regulator Open / Close
W / S Reverser Forward / Reverse
' / ; Train Brake On / Off
J Small Ejector On / Off
] Brake Reservoir Release Valve Open / Closed
Page Up / Page Down Brake Mode Cycles through brake modes
E Smokebox Door Open / Close
H / Shift+H Headlamps/Disks Cycles through 17 headlamp/disk states
C Cylinder Cocks Open / Close
N / Shift+N Blower On / Off
M / Shift+M Dampers Open / Close
F / Shift+F Firebox Door Open / Close
R Stoke Fire Press and hold
Ctrl+R Automatic Fireman On/Off
B Realistic / Legacy Mode Toggles steam chest simulation on / off
X Sander Press and hold
Space Whistle
V Long Whistle Loop
Ctrl+V Short Whistle Loop
I Exhaust Steam Injector - Steam Valve On / Off
O Live Steam Injector - Steam Valve On / Off
K / Shift+K Exhaust Steam Injector - Water Valve On / Off
L / Shift+L Live Steam Injector - Water Valve On / Off
/ Handbrake On/Off

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