5GW Gds Newbury to Didcot Pickup Goods [DT 43xx]

Collect empty coal wagons and leave 2 full ones at 3 yards along the line to Didcot. Reverse the entire train into the yards. Leave the wagons in Didcot yard and go to shed.

Newbury. An alternative general goods formation is available in the adjacent siding, see below.
Leave Newbury yard taking the Up 'Didcot Newbury and Southampton' branch towards Didcot.
This section of the DNS was doubled during the War to take the extra traffic in the build-up to D-Day.

Stop just beyond the yard entrances and the points will change.
Always reverse the entire train into the yards.

Hermitage. Just before the station is a WW2 Government food cold store.
Extract the empty coal wagons and leave 2 Whatley loaded ones.

Compton. Collect and deliver Dunsdon coal wagons.
Horse racing stables on the Berkshire Downs provided business for the line.
At one time a local horse used for shunting here was mostly fed on fodder left in the horsebox wagons.

Upton. Collect and deliver Ayres coal wagons.

Didcot. Pass through the station and right onto 'Didcot West/North Down Branch'.
The large Provender buildings on the left processed food for the GWR's large fleet of horses.
Stop at 'Didcot Centre Yard REVERSE' clear of the points behind.
This is just beyond a small brick built pumphouse beside the track.

When the points have changed reverse into 'Didcot Centre Yard Siding5 North' and uncouple.
Drive forward to stop opposite the white sheds on the right.
Change the points behind you where a man is standing.
Reverse through the yard the sidings to 'Didcot Shed Entrance REVERSE', stopping between the 2 drums.
The points should change then Drive onto 'Didcot Shed Ash Line 1' to finish.

Alternative Task: a general goods formation is in an adjacent siding.
Looking forwards from the guard's van:
The same 3 stations receive 1 or more Loaded Open Wagons and
1 or more Covered Vans with 'G W' in the smaller style letters.
Collect any Empty Open Wagons and Covered Vans with the larger 'G W' style.

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