5BR Gds PICKUP Didcot-Reading [VW LP] - Didcot to Reading Pickup Goods - Visual Shunting rules below
Requires VictoryWorks GWRLargePrairiePack and GWRLargePrairieExtra
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

You have 4 yards to shunt. Stop at:
'Cholsey Up Refuge Entrance REVERSE' (these are wagons from the Wallingford branch)
'Cholsey Up Yard Entrance REVERSE'
'Goring Up Yard Entrance REVERSE'
'Pangbourne Up Relief Platform' then reverse.

Then continue and stop at: 'Rdg West New Up Yard REVERSE'
Reverse there into 'Reading New Up Yard Siding2' and leave your wagons there.

Drive the loco to Reading Shed and stop at:
'RDG Shed Coal 2' to refuel and finish.

Visual Shunting 'rules'
Any GREY Covered Vans, Empty Open Wagons or Empty Coal Wagons.

Dropping off:
While looking forwards from the brakevan:
each station receives 1 or more Loaded Open/Coal Wagons
and 1 or more Covered Vans.
The Covered Vans act as Yard markers within the train.
Drop off from the brake van end of the train.

At the start alternative rakes of wagons are accessable in the adjacent sidings.

Provided you reverse into the yards in the Task List the Despatcher will be placated.
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