5BR Gds Didcot-Bicester MoD-Moreton WD280 - Take MoD wagons to Bicester depot and return
Requires VictoryWorks AusterityWD WD Austerity 2-8-0 Locomotive Pack and VictoryWorks GWRLargePrairiePack GWR Large Prairies
These instructions could be viewed on a phone at www.vpris.co.uk

Didcot. Reverse out of Didcot Shed and stop at 'Didcot-Ox Down Running Loop Shunt'
Drive to stop at 'Didcot-Ox Down Running Loop 3'.
Reverse into the yard stopping in 'Didcot West Curve Siding1' and couple to the rake of WD vans.
Drive to stop near the end of 'Hinksey Down Reception Line'.

Hinksey. Pull forward into the yard and stop in 'Hinksey North Headshunt' to clear the points into 'Hinksey Exchange Siding 2 Thru'.
Change the manual points and Reverse into 'Hinksey Exchange Siding 2 Thru' and couple the WD vans to the rear of your train.
Change the manual points ahead at the 'X' double slip and leave the yard towards Oxford.

Bicester. Drive through Oxford Station and on to the LMR line to Bicester.
Pass Bicester Depot and stop beyond the points at 'Bicester west approach up'.
Reverse into 'Bicester Mil Ry Reception Siding 2' and uncouple.
Use the manual points to run round and couple to the rake of vans in 'Bicester Mil Ry Reception Siding 1'.
Leave the Depot tender first and take the vans via Oxford and Didcot to Moreton Yard.

Moreton. Pass through the yard and stop clear of the points at 'Moreton Up Exit/ Entrance REVERSE'.
Push the vans into 'Moreton Siding 1' and uncouple.
Reverse out to stop at 'Moreton Up Relief Line 5'.
Drive on to the Down Relief Line and through Didcot Station.

Didcot. On to the Oxford branch and stop clear of the points at 'Didcot West/North Down Branch 2'.
Reverse across the sidings to 'Didcot Shed Entrance REVERSE', stopping between the 2 drums.
Drive onto 'Didcot Shed Ash Line 1' to finish.

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